Course For Animation

Specialization: Animation


Duration : 3 Months

The Grid institute is offering an advance Animation course for the next generation game development.

Overview and Specification of the Course

In this 03 months course, students can learn, about 3D character animation, procedural walk cycles, Actions, Poses and Stunning Facial expressions, Rigging, Learn about entire making of 3D animation film.


Duration: 03 Months

Character Ringging & Character Animation

Basic Ringging
Advance Ringging
Createing Biped
Biped Ringging
Using CAT Object Ringging
Creating and Editing Bone
Working with IK Solvers
Constrains (Attachment, Surface, Path, Position, Link LookaAt & Orientation)
Transform Controllers
Animation Foundation
Basic Performace Animation
Advance Performance Animation
Character Animation & Body Dynamics