Specialization: Game Art


Duration : 18 Months

The Grid institute of Pune is offering an advance diploma course for the next generation game development. Creation of 2D concept Art, game design, Creation of 3D game Art, Game programming.

Overview and Specification of the Course

This 18 month Game Design & Development program students will get to learn about the all software’ and, student skills will be entry level game artists

Traditional Drawing Fundamentals

Fundamentals of Drawing
Human Anatomy
Color theory
Frame comdivosition
Duration: 02 months

2D Digital Drawing

Game Design
Aesthetics of Concept Arts
Digital painting
Mate Painting
Creations of all types of maps, those are commonly used in game art assets creations.
(Diffuse map/Spec Map/Gloss Map/ Ambient occlusion Map and all types of maps that used in gaming as well as in move industry)

3D Digital Modeling Duration: 08 Months

Inorganic modelling (Product modelling/Props/architectural Modelling)
Organic Modelling (Cars/Characters/game environment Modelling)
Subdivision modelling (Techniques for the high poly modelling used for the print media/ T. V. commercial and 3D movies)
Architectural Modeling

3D Sculpting Duration: 1.5 Months

High detail Character sculpting
High Detail Gaming Props Sculpting
Organic Modeling Sculpting
Transfer of High details modeling/texturing to the low poly model geometry.
Construction of retopology model (low poly)from hidetailed scuplture.

3D Animation

Understanding of Animation
Key Frame Animation(Mechanical point of view animation/Character Animation)

3D Game Engine Duration: 1.5 Months

Working with game Engine Project/Interface
Working with Assets
Applying Materials
Level Building
Creating and implementing Animation
Collisions/Adding Audio/ Baking Lighting
Post Productions/ Creating Cinematic
Introduction to Scripting
Packing game Project

PBR Workflow Duration: 1.5 Months

Familiar with entire PBR material/Model Preparation
Familiar with PBR Work Flow/Interface
Working with Sculpting Softwares and PBR Workflow
Baking Maps/Applying Materials/Modifing channelsUsing transform tools, Projection modes,anchors,PBR painting tools,Working with layer effect, Rendering and Exporting Textures.

3D Digital Photo realistic Rendering

Photorealistic rendering using industry standard render.
Advance lighting
Batch and Network Rendering
Compositing with render elements and vedio post interface

Making Final Showreel Duration: 3.5 Months

  • Creating of Game pencil concept art.
  • Creating of digital painting/matte painting.
  • Creating of product modeling.
  • Creating of environment Gaming Props Modeling PBR texturing.
  • Creating of organic car modeling and PBR texturing.
  • Creating of organic gaming character modeling. (Sculpting).
  • Creating hidetailed envoirment props and PBR texturing(Sculpting).