Specialization Game Art


Duration : 3 Months

The Grid institute of Pune is offering an advance course for the next generation game texturing pipeline. Creation a texturing for Product/Props/architectural sets /Cars/ Character/ Game envoirments/Gaming Props

Overview and Specification of the Course

This 03 month Game texturing program students will get to learn about the all modeling techniques used in gaming industry/3D Movies/T.V. Commercials and in architectural modeling.

PBR Workflow

Familiar with entire PBR material/Model Preparation
Familiar with PBR Work Flow/Interface
Working with Sculpting Softwares and PBR Workflow
Baking Maps/Applying Materials/Modifing channelsUsing transform tools, Projection modes,anchors,PBR painting tools,Working with layer effect, Rendering and Exporting Textures.

3D Texturing

UVW mapping/Unrawaping
Creation of UV layout as a gaming point of view
Creations of all types of maps, those are commonly used in game art assets creations
(Diffuse map/Spec Map/Gloss Map/ Ambient occlusion Map and all types of maps that used in gaming as well as in move industry)

Final Student work

  • Creating of product texturing.
  • Creating of environment Gaming Props texturing.
  • Creating of car texturing.
  • Creating of gaming character texturing.
  • Creating hidetailed envoirment texturing.